YF338 Strengthened Starch Character Introduction


  YF338 amphoteric starch contains anion and cationic two kinds of starch, produced by Jiangxi Yu Fan Agricultural Development Limited Company. This type of starch graft anion and cationic group at the same time on the starch glucose molecule chain. Therefore, compared with other single ion group starch, it has following unique functions while using in complex pulp content system:


  1. Anion group contained help to clean anion matters which impede starch adsorb in  fiber.


  2. Anionic groups of molecule can protect cationic groups. Electrical exclude those highly active ‘mixed’ anions existed in the system, thus make the cationic starch groups won't react too early or neutralized by ‘mixed’ anion.


  3. Because fiber negatively charged, so easily to absorb cationic starch, but also easily to absorb other positively charged material. It will weaken absorption between starch and the fiber, and anionic group of amphoteric modified starch can compensate.


  4. Amphoteric modified starch charge is balanced basically, the starch is not stayed and drain with the water, after water recycling, and it will not lose charge balance, thereby maintaining good mechanical operation conditions.


  5. In neutral and alkaline system, ion charge balance sensitivity is larger, that is easy to happen over-cationized in the system, then becomes ‘out of control’ situation. Amphoteric modified starch greatly increased the controllable degree in the system, and then also makes it easy to use.


  6. Using cultural paper, cassava starch is used to produce material, it not only is more buildup effect, but also more assistance stay effect. 

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